American McGee’s Dark Alice

In a few weeks, Wonderland of the Americas is going to host a Lost in Wonderland event. You might be able to find our doll at this event… if you mention this blog post, you can even buy this doll for 10% off the listed price if you show the vendor selling it this post.

If you can’t make it to San Antonio the first weekend in March, just visit our etsy store: !

UPcycling your doll!

Since we were at Kerrville Ren Fest this past weekend, we wanted to leave you with some great ideas for upcycling your own dolls. Here’s a great tutorial for making wings out of plastic bottles! If your fairy wings are getting a little droopy, try this:

We’ll be trying this and getting back to you with some finished products. Link us below to your upcycled wings!

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